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Apache Cocoon Documentation

Writing documentation

New or occasional documentation contributors

Although we invite everyone to contribute documentation, there are some rules to the game: if you are willing to write documentation, but you are not (yet?) a Cocoon committer, please register yourself at the Daisy site. You will get the role of "guest". You can then ask to be promoted to "editor" by sending a request to the dev mailing list. You can now add new documents, but it requires a Cocoon committer to actually publish the documentation.
If you just want to contribute some documentation, but don't want to go through the process described above, please submit it to either the wiki or Jira. Please add '[Docs]' as a prefix to your Jira summary,

Please verify if the information you want to add is not already present in some form or other, by either searching the Daisy site, the wiki or Jira.

Cocoon committers

If you are going to write new information in the Daisy site, do verify if the documentation you are missing happens to be part of the Legacy Documentation collection. If so, please update that document and move it to the "Cocoon Documentation" site (this site). You can do that through the collections tab in the edit page. Please remove the "legacydocs" collection entry after you've added the "documentation" collection.

Legacy Documentation

The legacy documentation was created on June 17 2005 in an attempt to consolidate the Cocoon documentation in this Daisy wiki site. It serves two purposes:

  1. until the "Cocoon Documentation" site is revamped and completed (after lots of hard work, discussions and votes ;-)) the legacy docs site will serve as the source of the official Cocoon Documentation at http://cocoon.apache.org/2.1/.
  2. the legacydocs serve as a source for the "Cocoon Documentation" site in this Daisy wiki. All documents that are currently part of the legacy docs collection have to be evaluated and either updated or retired: when a document seems to be very outdated, please retire it (by selecting "retired" at the Options tab in the edit page). Otherwise, move it to the documentation collection and update it if necessary.

This means that the complete set of xdocs, currently present in the SVN repository will be checked for presence in the Daisy collection. If they are not present, they will be added to the legacydocs. Finally, the xdoc is removed from the SVN repository. Once all relevant xdocs are removed from the repository, no new documents should be added to the legacy docs.
In the end, the legacydocs collection should contain only retired documents.

Consolidating documentation

Although there is a lot of information in these documentation pages, there is also a lot of valuable information in the wiki. If you, a Cocoon committer, find such gold nuggets in the wiki, please move the information over to this site and mark the wiki page with

do not edit this page any more
<yyyy/mm/dd> <your initials>