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History of Changes


Introduction and explanation of symbols

Changes are sorted by "type" and then chronologically with the most recent at the top. These symbols denote the various action types:add=add

Version 0.1 (not-released)

Changes to the Code Base

  • add The stylesheet already handled multiple "see" and "definition" elements. Now the DTD allows those. Committed by DC.
  • add Enabled optional top-level title and introduction. Enabled optional notes for each item. Committed by DC.
  • add Initial plugin code. Thanks to Ross Gardler who contributed the code against an early version of Forrest, and to Gavin McDonald who prepared it as a new input plugin. Committed by DC. Thanks to Ross Gardler, Gavin McDonald.

Contributors to this release

We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.

This is a list of all people who participated as committers:
David Crossley (DC).

This is a list of other contributors:
Ross Gardler, Gavin McDonald.

All Committers

This is a list of all people who have ever participated as committers on this project.

  • David Crossley (DC)
  • Ross Gardler (RDG)
  • Gavin McDonald (GM)
  • Volunteer needed (open)