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History of Changes


Introduction and explanation of symbols

Changes are sorted by "type" and then chronologically with the most recent at the top. These symbols denote the various action types:add=add, fix=fix, update=update

Version 0.1 (unreleased)

Changes to Project Administration

  • add Initial plugin code extracted from the old views plugin. Committed by TS.

Changes to the Code Base

  • add Enabled the output html serializer to be configurable to either xhtml or html. See docs: Configure output serializer. Committed by DC. See Issue FOR-1156.
  • add More i18n work by Sjur on Dispatcher. This patch correctly localizes menus & tabs. Committed by TS. Thanks to Sjur Moshagen. See Issue FOR-937.
  • add Add ability to get a list of contracts provided by a plugin. For this to work the plugin name must have "plugin" within it, e.g. "org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.doap". Requesting ls.contracts.org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.doap.source.xml will return a source listing of plugins provided by the named plugin. Requesting ls.contracts.org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.doap.[FORMAT] will return a formatted output document listing all templates supplied by the identified plugin. Committed by RDG.
  • add Extending the dispatcher with an internal format. This internal format is our xdoc or xhtml2. The internal format will then be contacted by e.g. html contracts. Committed by TS.
  • add Added first implementation of the dispatcher. Including contract bean implementation and interface; dispatcher exception and dispatcher transformers. Committed by TS.
  • add Adding the dispatcher concept documentation from the site-author. Committed by TS.
  • add Activated multiple output formats to be configured via a View. Committed by TS.
  • add Added contracts and nuggets to the "view" plugins. Committed by TS.
  • fix FOR-975 Renaming tiles to panel. Committed by TS. See Issue FOR-975.
  • fix Rename to ContractsMessages_en.xml, part of i18n changes by Sjur. Committed by DC. Thanks to Sjur Moshagen. See Issue FOR-939.
  • update Cleaning up usage of structurer using the new chunks of FOR-1059. Reducing code duplications. Committed by TS.
  • update Cleaning up locationmap from the former xdocs location. See news #cleanup.15.06.07 how to update. Committed by TS.
  • update i18n: Add LocaleAction action wrapper, and use the locale provided by it. Was taking the locale directly from the request instead of using the standard method in Forrest: LocaleAction. Committed by DC. Thanks to Sjur Moshagen. See Issue FOR-935.

Changes to Documentation

  • add Added an examples tab and section to show working examples of how to add independant and plugin dependent contracts. A first example showing the POD plugin & contract has been started. Committed by GM.
  • add Adding the "how tos" from the site-author to this plugin. Committed by TS.
  • add Added a dispatcher glossary. Thanks to Thorsten for moving to the plugin. Committed by GM.
  • add Added infos of the pattern the plugin is using. Committed by TS.
  • add Updated the "how it works" section and moved it to its own site. Committed by TS.
  • update Added section "linking to external css files" to howto-structurer-dsl doc. Committed by TS. Thanks to Paul Bolger. See Issue FOR-768.

Contributors to this release

We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.

This is a list of all people who participated as committers:
David Crossley (DC), Gavin McDonald (GM), Ross Gardler (RDG), Thorsten Scherler (TS).

This is a list of other contributors:
Paul Bolger, Sjur Moshagen.

All Committers

This is a list of all people who have ever participated as committers on this project.

  • David Crossley (DC)
  • Ross Gardler (RDG)
  • Thorsten Scherler (TS)
  • Gavin McDonald (GM)
  • Volunteer needed (open)