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Standards Compliance
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Standards Compliance


Forrest is still quite young, so there are known issues. Standards compliance is a definite major goal. Please send patches for the Forrest stylesheets to ensure such compliance.

For your testing, use the Forrestbot-generated website at our Zone testbed because that reflects the current SVN code.


Tested using the W3C HTML Validation Service (

The "pelt" skin validates as HTML 4.0.1

The "tigris" skin validates as HTML 4.0.1


See Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

"W3C WCAG - AAA Compliance" using

Issues ...

  1. Priority 1: No errors, some warnings.
  2. Priority 2: Some errors, some warnings.
  3. Priority 3: Some errors, some warnings.



Issues ...

  1. CSS 2: No errors, some warnings.