This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
History of Changes0.1 (v0.7)
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History of Changes0.1

This is documentation for current version v0.7 (More)


Version 0.1 (25 May 2005)

Changes to Project Administration

  • add Initial plugin code. (RDG)

Changes to the Code Base

  • add Added automatic generation of release notes by requesting **/releaseNotes_VERSION-NUMBER.xml (RDG)
  • add Enable the generation of changes for a specific version by requesting **/changes_VERSION-NUMBER.xml (RDG)
  • fix Use the value "current" for the releaseNotes_* URI or specify a version number, i.e. show what is new for the latest release. (DC) Thanks to Cyriaque Dupoirieux. Fixes FOR-564.
  • fix Replace use of document() function in changes2rss.xml with sitemap aggregation. (DC)
  • fix Use the "title" attribute of "changes" and "todo" tags if it exists, otherwise use the hard-coded values. (DC) Thanks to Cyriaque Dupoirieux. Fixes FOR-455.
  • update Move ToDo and Changes pipelines to this plugin, from core. (RDG)

Changes to Design

  • add Added optional "notes" element to "release" element of status 1.3 DTD. This will be inserted into the release notes for that version. (RDG)
  • add Added better sitemap match using regexp to deal with sub-directories too. (DC)

Changes to Documentation

  • add Basic documentation on how to create release notes are now included on the plugins documentation index page. (RDG)
  • fix Use relative location of images directory. (DC)