This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Welcome to the org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.doap Plugin
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Welcome to the org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.doap Plugin

Apache Forrest - org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.doap Plugin

Renders DOAP files in a human readable form, provides various indexes of DOAP collections and allows the extraction of contact details from a set of DOAP files.

Project Details

Project details are generated from a project descriptor file. This file can be in any of the followin formats:

  • DOAP
  • DOAP over ATOM
We need your help in adding more formats.

The location of this descriptor file is specified in the locationmap with the hint doap.descriptor. This defaults to a file clled doap.xml in the root of your projects content directory. To place your descriptor in a different location simply add a matcher like that shown below in your project locationmap file.

    <match pattern="doap.descriptor.projectDetails">
      <location src="[path/to/descriptor/file]" />

To retrieve the project DOAP file in its raw form request the file /projectDetails/source.xml.

To retrieve the project details page request the file /projectDetails.[FORMAT].

Multiple Projects

You can use the projectInfo plugin to pull together project information for multiple projects. For example, take a look at the project details for Apache Forrest.

Using the locationmap you can retrieve this content from anywhere you want, for example, the DOAP file for the Forrest project comes from directly from SVN, thus we are always assured of it being up to date.

To retrieve the project details of another project make a request for projectDetails/[PROJECT_NAME].html. For this to work your project locationmap must have an entry like this:

    <match pattern="doap.descriptor.forrest">
      <location src=""/>
FOR-910 "project DOAP file retrieved numerous times during docs generation" so use a local copy instead.

Of course, if you have a central location for all your project descriptor files you could use a match like this:

    <match pattern="doap.descriptor.*">
      <location src="path_to_descriptors/{1}.xml"/>
The indexing of projects (described below) does not currently work with wildcard matchers in the locationmap.

Project Indexes

The system will automatically create an index of projects from your projects locationmap file. For example, the "Projects" section of the navigation on the left is automatically generated.

There is considerable repetition in the indexes in this demo. The intention is to show the range of indexes that can be created. You should select the most suitable for your individual project.
The indexes to be included in your site navigation only work correctly when generating a static site. You should only use page based indexes for dynamic sites.

Contact Lists

You can extract a comma separated list of contact details contained in the collection of DOAP files by requesting projectDetails/contacts.csv.


The DOAP plugin provides dispatcher templates for working with DOAP files. For usage instructions see the docs for the doap templates.


This section includes links to a number of samples using this plugin. The plugin is intended to be self documenting through these samples. If you require further help please ask on the user mailing list.

The more samples included here the easier it is for users to understand this plugin. If you can provide additional samples please do so.