This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
XXE Forrest Configuration
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XXE Forrest Configuration

This is not a particular endorsement of XXE over other xml editors. It is just that we provide this tool to take advantage of XXE.

XMLmind XML Editor is a validating XML editor featuring a word processor-like view. We support the Forrest plugin for XXE only, please direct all XXE-related questions to XXE support or mailing lists.


  • XXE 3.0p1+ (version 1.3 of the tool works with XXE version 2.5p3 - 3.0)
  • Forrest 0.5+


To build the configuration:

  1. Make sure the FORREST_HOME environment variable is set
  2. Change directory to $FORREST_HOME/tools/xxe
  3. Run ant in this directory


you@yourHost:~/src/apache/forrest-trunk$ cd tools/xxe 
        you@yourHost:~/src/apache/forrest-trunk/tools/xxe$ ant Buildfile: 
        build.xml -init: clean: copy-dtds: [copy] Copying 71 files to 
        /home/you/src/apache/forrest-trunk/tools/xxe copy-catalog: [copy] 
        Copying 1 file to /home/you/src/apache/forrest-trunk/tools/xxe update: 
        dist: [mkdir] Created dir: 
        /home/you/src/apache/forrest-trunk/tools/xxe/dist [zip] Building zip: 
        BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 9 seconds

Developer note:
To work directly with the SVN version of the configuration, check out into the forrest folder in the XXE addon folder. Run the build there to copy the DTDs

XXE Custom Configuration Info


  1. Extract into the XXE application config directory (e.g. D:\Program Files\XMLmind_XML_Editor\config)
  2. Extract into your XXE user directory (e.g. ~/.xxe/addon/config) (only in version 1.3+ of this config). For version 1.3+, this is the recommended installation location, as it permits upgrading XXE without having to reinstall this config
    This location is new for XXE 2.10, and is not tested with earlier releases!


  1. Delete the forrest directory from the XXE application config directory. (e.g. D:\Program Files\XMLmind_XML_Editor\config)
  2. Delete the 'forrest' directory from your user XXE config directory:
    • *nix-es: ~/.xxe/addon/
    • Windows: %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\XMLmind\XMLeditor\
    depending on where you installed the previous version of the tool
  3. Install normally



  • Updated the tool to work with XXE 3.0p1. (FOR-779)
    This change is backwards INCOMPATIBLE, therefore the tool now requires XXE 3.0p1+.
  • Added XXE-provided default rendering of tables


  • Fixed a bug that prevented this config to work with XXE 3.x (FOR-720)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented correct loading of the common css stylesheet (FOR-581)
  • Changed icon references to be installation independent (FOR-581)
  • Added a Forrest menu, with more robust table manipulation, and for v2 docs some link traversals (both taken from the XXE XHTML config)
  • Added more entries to the Table button (menu) in the Forrest toolbar, replicating the entries in the Forrest menu
  • Added a History section to the README and documentation