This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Skin packaging, provision, and use (v0.9)
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Skin packaging, provision, and use

Automated distributed skin packages

This is documentation for current version v0.9 (More)


Skins are standard zip archives with a *.zip extension. This enables them to be unpacked and installed automatically.

To publish a skin:

1 - forrest package-skin
The skin package will be made in the skin dir, next to the custom skin.
2 - place the file in a directory on a web server
3 - ask forrest-dev to add the url and the skin name to the list of skins

To use a custom skin with automatic download:

1 - set the skin property in to the name of the skin
2 - forrest install-skin
3 - forrest

Currently there are two test skins: "testskin" and "testskin2"

To see the names of the remote skins:

forrest available-skins


The skin will get blown away by the next 'build clean' in forrest. But that is okay because it is so quick to go get another copy. Also it may be preferable to get a fresh copy. If the user wanted to keep the skin and perhaps enhance it, then they can copy it to their project.