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Release Notes for Apache Forrest 0.1 (v0.7)
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Release Notes for Apache Forrest 0.1

This is documentation for current version v0.7 (More)

This plugin encapsulates and extends functionality that was originally in Forrest Core. With the advent of plugins in Forrest 0.7 we extracted the functionality for generating changes.xml and todo.xml from the status.xml file. It is intended that this functionality be extended further within this plugin.

In fact, we have already extended the functionality in a couple of important ways. See the changelog for more details.

Major Changes in Version 0.1

This is not a complete list of changes, a full list of changes in this release is available.

Important Changes Code Base

  • add Added automatic generation of release notes by requesting **/releaseNotes_VERSION-NUMBER.xml (RDG)
  • add Enable the generation of changes for a specific version by requesting **/changes_VERSION-NUMBER.xml (RDG)
  • update Move ToDo and Changes pipelines to this plugin, from core. (RDG)

Important Changes Documentation

  • add Basic documentation on how to create release notes are now included on the plugins documentation index page. (RDG)

Important Changes Design

  • add Added optional "notes" element to "release" element of status 1.3 DTD. This will be inserted into the release notes for that version. (RDG)