This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Dispatcher (Draft - feature under development)
Apache Forrest
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Dispatcher (Draft - feature under development)

The "dispatcher" is new functionality which is still in development phase. That is why it is in the "whiteboard" section of the Forrest distribution. We are working at the moment on moving this plugin from the whiteboard into the core plugins. Further all dispatcher related documents will be moved into the plugin as well. See Status of Themes: Skins and Dispatcher.


This section will grow and show example usage of contracts in action - either standalone contracts or those that work in conjunction with plugins. Contributions Welcome.

Some examples to help you on your way

Enabling and adding the POD plugin

On this page you will see a link to a .pod version of this page. Below are the steps taken :-

  • Add POD plugin to file
  • org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.POD
  • Add contract to include pod link - this can either be enabled in a master theme file (such as pelt.fv) or on a per folder basis (by altering a nested pelt.fv to point to modified *.panels.xml). In this case, we want a modified option to only alter files in this examples folder.
Fixme (GM)
Example not yet complete, will expand on it soon.