Apache Forrest
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News about recent changes

The "dispatcher" is new functionality which is still in development phase. That is why it is in the "whiteboard" section of the Forrest distribution. We are working at the moment on moving this plugin from the whiteboard into the core plugins. Further all dispatcher related documents will be moved into the plugin as well. See Status of Themes: Skins and Dispatcher.

Cleanup of the locationmap - 15.06.07

The locationmap matching for the structurer needed a cleanup. Structurer needs to be placed now in ${project.resources-dir}/structurer/url instead of the xdocs directory.

The following matches have been removed during this cleanup (you need to implement them in your project locationmap if you still want their behavior.

<match pattern="resolve.structurer.**">
  <select type="exists">
<!-- ... -->
    <!-- project-based url-based (xdocs location) -->
    <location src="{properties:content.xdocs}{1}{properties:dispatcher.theme-ext}" />
<!-- ... -->
    <act type="RecursiveDirectoryTraversalAction">
      <parameter value="{../1}{1}" name="request"/>
      <parameter value="{properties:dispatcher.theme}" name="projectFallback"/>
      <parameter value="{properties:dispatcher.theme-ext}" 
      <parameter value="{properties:content.xdocs}" 
<!--  xdocs  [deprecated]
      project-based theme-based = directory-based / parent-directory based (recursively) -->
      <location src="{uri}" />
<!-- ... -->