This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
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Apache Forrest issue tracker


The Apache Forrest uses an issue tracker called JIRA. All of the project contributions should go there (not to the mailing list). This enables us to keep track of contributions and to classify and manage the issues. is the main entry point which provides access to enter, view, search, and add additional comments to issues. There are some additional search filters provided below.

You need to set up an account there before you can create new issues or add comments to existing issues. Anyone can register as a user and report issues. See guidelines below.

Note that the issue tracker is not a discussion or user help forum. Please discuss issues about using Forrest on the user or dev mailing list.

Security and vulnerability issues are co-ordinated through the ASF Security Team. That is only for reporting undisclosed security vulnerabilities in Apache products. For other issues, use the Forrest project Issue tracker.

Guidelines and hints for reporting issues

  • Start here
  • Ensure that an issue does not already exist. Use JIRA's powerful "Find Issues" ability. Set the Project and Status fields. See the Help about boolean queries in the Query field. The easiest way to search is using our Forrestbar browser add-on. Also see other notes below (at Some search filters) for general assistance with JIRA search and filters.
  • After login, choose "Create New Issue".
  • Follow the prompts below each entry field.
  • If you don't know the answer to a particular question, then leave the field blank.
  • Add a concise initial Description, then add more Comments later to further describe the issue.
  • Other people will follow up and enhance your description and classifications.
  • If details about your computing environment are relevant (e.g. Java version or operating system) then add them to a Comment.
  • If you are going to also add a patch, then select "Patch available". (Reporters of issues can add this later via "Edit issue".) Follow the instructions about "Grant license" and ensure that you are able to do so. Be aware of the Public Forum Archive Policy.

Special fields: Priority (a.k.a. Severity)

The Priority is the severity according to the issue reporter. This will be a guideline to the development team to identify the most urgent issues. It is not a guarantee that a Critical issue will be resolved before a Major issue.

Follow the JIRA help icon to see the definition of the options.

Special fields: Urgency

The project team will classify this according to their urgency. The aim is to be able to see at a glance which issues should be attended to, so that developers can operate efficiently and so that the product can be released as soon as possible. Some issues hinder the project, so need to be identified.

Fixme (open)
Not sure about the project's use of the "Urgency" field. See issue FOR-853

We use the following definition of the options.

  • None: The default. Not yet classified.
  • Blocker: Prevents other developers from working; or critical issue with functionality; or holds up the implementation of other functionality. Cannot release until it is fixed. Will be fixed ASAP.
  • Urgent: Is a key new feature; or affects many users. Will be fixed before the next release.
  • Normal: If this issue scratches the itch of any particular developer, then they should help to solve it and provide a patch.
  • Low: If this issue bothers you, then fix it because it is not a high priority for the project.


  • Anyone: Browse, Find, View.
  • jira-users: People who have registered as a user of the ASF JIRA. Create, Edit, Comment, Attach, Vote, Watch. The reporter can also Close.
  • forrest-developers: People who are Forrest committers. Resolve, Close, Delete issues, Delete coments, Link, Assign, Schedule Fix Version, Administer Project.
  • Some committers are global adminstrators: Edit user details, Add users to groups, Configure.

Some search filters

Various general searches are available from our front page (choose "Summary : Issues" from the left-hand panel) e.g. "Unresolved: By Component", or "Added recently".

To conduct a specific new search and keep it confined to Forrest issues, it seems that the easiest route is to start with of those, then modify.

The following are some special filters:

  • FOR-open-with-patch - Committers need to visit this regularly and deal with the patches.
  • FOR-roadmap-dev - Open issues that are scheduled to be investigated.
  • FOR-unresolved-with-attachment - Issues that have demonstrations of problems, but no solution or patch. Of course it will include FOR-open-with-patch. (Note that this filter searches for the string "attach" so will not find all.)
  • FOR-unscheduled - Issues that have not yet been scheduled to be fixed for a certain version.
Fixme (open)
Not sure about the project's use of the "Urgency" field.