This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Planning notes
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Planning notes


This is a collection of notes to assist with certain project planning and to co-ordinate development. When the development work is complete, then these docs can be removed because all of the content will have moved into the documentation proper.

Refer to the Issue Tracker for further specific information. Try to keep these notes, and the issues, as concise as possible.

Ongoing major development topics

Some current topics in no particular order.

  • Internal structure is XHTML2
  • Integrate the "views" facility with the core and rename its components.
  • Forrest profiling, memory consumption, sitemap efficiency.
  • Configuration system.
  • Define strategy for releases of separate minimal core and separate plugin releases.
  • Move skins stuff to plugins.
  • Improve integration of Cocoon and Forrest, or something different. See options at FOR-1017.
  • Improve integration of Lenya and Forrest.