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Subversion Best Practices
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Subversion Best Practices

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This doc is under development. It should have general notes to assist all developers to use the latest code in Forrest SVN and tips for working with SVN. An extra section would have other tips specific for Forrest committers. Some tips should instead be added to the ASF-wide docs, where we can link to them.

Golden Rules

Using subversion seems so easy. But there are so many things you can do to mess up other peoples work. This document tries to name just a few:

  • Be familiar with the instructions for using Forrest SVN.
  • See ASF-wide notes for developers.
  • Use the SVN Book - Version Control with Subversion.
  • Configure your svn client.
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    Move the notes from contrib.html to here. See other notes in email.
  • When moving an existing file please use "svn move fromFile toFile". This ensures that the history of the item is not lost.