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Draft: Proposal for ASF-wide Forrestbot
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Draft: Proposal for ASF-wide Forrestbot

This is a draft proposal document. It is not yet the consensus of ASF nor the Infrastructure committee.


All ASF projects need to be able to concentrate on their projects and the content of their websites, rather than get tangled up in arcane website publication procedures.

A proposal is currently being discussed for ASF-wide documentation staging and publishing.

The context of this Forrestbot proposal is at Item C through to Item G of that infrastructure, the "staging server". This does not preclude other mechanisms - some projects might choose to use Forrestbot.

About Forrestbot

The Forrestbot enables the automated building and deployment of websites. It will retrieve the source from SVN or CVS, build the website, and then deploy it. Notifications can be sent. It keeps a log of the build process. See more detailed explanation.

There is also a "web interface" component to Forrestbot to enable the project committers to easily trigger their website build, view the result, and deploy it to the staging server. See more detailed explanation.


The staging server (e.g. would be a virtual server. A stable version of "forrest" and "forrestbot" would be installed there. Each project that uses forrestbot would have a forrestbot configuration file. This defines the SVN or CVS repository to get the source from, where to deploy the built site, and various other parameters.

The Forrestbot web interface requires a servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat) and an Apache HTTP Server would be used to view the staging sites.


The recent demonstration on brutus is now gone. Soon we will set up a new demo on our zone machine.